Digital Nail Fungus Treatment Laser Device


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 HZJ-02 Nail Fungus Treatment  Laser Device

Home Nail Fungus Therapy Device : Designed to be lightweight and portable, this device allows for convenient at-home treatment of nail fungus infections. With the help of a portable power source, you can comfortably clean the fungal infection on your nails without the need for repeated visits to the hospital.

Efficient non-invasive : It crushes and kills the fungus (the root cause of nail fungus) while inhibiting fungal regrowth to prevent recurrence. It utilizes laser thermal principles to destroy infected tissue and accelerate and stimulate nail bed growth. It does not create dependency like other medication-based treatments.

Built-in screen for intuitive display: The device comes with a built-in screen that displays a countdown timer, allowing you to easily track the operating time of the machine.

Easy operation with one-click activation: Simply clip it onto your fingernails or toenails and press the button to start the treatment, making it convenient to use.

Visualized light for easy monitoring: The device provides visual feedback to intuitively perceive its operation. The quick treatment for nail fungus can be completed in approximately 7 minutes.


Color: White
Material: ABS
Included Accessories: USB charging cable, user manual
Country of Origin: China
Weight: 0.07kg
Product Dimensions: 407140mm
Plug: USB charging + 2.5mm DC round plug
Charging Time: 3-4 hours
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Battery Life: If used twice daily, it can last approximately 15 days.
Charging Indicator: The battery level indicator increases incrementally during charging. When the battery level on the screen shows full and stops fluctuating, it indicates that the product is fully charged.
Maximum Pulse Intensity: 22W
Warranty Period: 1 year against non-human damage
Target Users: Individuals with nail fungus infection
Treatment Cycle: Each infected nail should be treated at least once daily.


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