What is TENS?

TENS is a method of pain relief for people with chronic pain or women in labour. A TENS machine delivers a small electrical current to the body through electrodes attached to the skin. It does not involve chemical medication.
TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

Transcutaneous – through skin

Electrical -small electrical impulses via electrodes to override pain signals to the brain.

Nerve – pain signals travel via nerves


TENS is also called electrotherapy.

A TENS machine passes electricity across the skin to stimulate your nerves and relieve your pain.

A TENS machine runs on batteries or some on an AC adaptor . Small electrodes are place on your skin, and the electrodes are connected to the TENS machine. The machine sends pulses of gentle electric current to the electrodes. The current stimulates the nerves near your pain.

Most people use tens unit as an alternative to pain relief medication and many find it very helpful.

But it isn’t clear how it works. It’s possible that it blocks pain signals by stimulating different nerves in your spinal cord. TENS might also cause the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain relievers.

Is TENS effective?

TENS helps ease pain for some people, but not for others.

It is well tolerated and largely without side effects.

However it is not a miracle cure and please don’t be manipulated into any purchase by unauthorised sellers whose intention is poorly financial. With so many people suffering from chronic pain this is a large industry.

Saying that, I am amazed to all the positive feedbacks we have received over the last 8 years. We sold over 10000 units.

Risks and safety

TENS is thought to be safe. But it should not be used:

  • on an open wound
  • if your skin is irritated
  • near sensitive areas such as your eyes
  • while driving or operating machinery
  • in or around water

It should not be used by :

  • women who are pregnant but not in labour
  • people with a pacemaker or a cochlear implant
  • people with epilepsy

TENS shouldn’t be painful, but some people find it uncomfortable. Some people experience skin irritation where the electrodes are placed.

How to get a TENS machine

We stock a large variety of units for all needs.

Our Everyway private range include:
Physio Tens – our bestseller and well proven, an economically great investment

Pain Care tens – easy programs for anyone who needs a simple reliable unit without fuzz

Physio Combo tens, Tens and EMS functions, preset programs and adjustable, great value

Physio Duo tens+, our top of range TENS/ EMS with adaptor, for anyone who wants the extra functions

ULTRA 9000, has it all, TENS, EMS interferential, facial and pelvic floor stimulation

Multi tens plus, 4 channel unit to run 8 pads at once

Pelvic floor unit, to train pelvic floor muscle and help in treatment of incontinence

Mums-to be unit, all you need during labour

all Everyway units carry a 5 year replacement warranty


Neurotrac, UK company:

Neuro trac rehab

Neuro trac sports


R C4D or RC4A , budget units with lot’s of features

1 year warranty


MH 8000P digital TENS/EMS

MH8001 4 channel unit TENS/EMS

Please contact us if you need advice but please be aware that this advice is general and doesn’t replace your face to face consultation with your local Physio or health practitioner.

Health fund rebates : please check with your fund. Let us know and we can provide a receipt for 100% refund if you are covered for extras( depending on level of insurance)

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