Premium hand-held laser HD-Cure Pro with Tens settings


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-Top the our HD laser range

Both Laser and Tens functions

high max power 930mW

pulse and continuous mode

6 650nm and 6 808nm laser diode

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HD-Cure Pro
Rechargeable Lithium Battery with charging station, goggles and instructions
Red light waves are the longest wavelengths that are still visible to human eyes. The longer the wavelength of red light is the more effective it is for penetrating your body to a significant cellular level.
Short red light penetrates your body to a depth of about 8 to 10 millimeters, reaching the mitochondria of your skin cells and other cells that are located closely beneath your skin to stimulate biological reaction. Red light therapy is a form of photo bio-modulation or a treatment that uses light-emitting diodes(LED) or low-level laser therapy(LLLT) to stimulate cellular activity to achieve therapeutic benefits.
Cold Laser Therapy Device Pain Relief Physiotherapy Equipment with Tens Function
So, what’s the key mechanisms of Red/NIR Light Therapy?

 Red/NIR light has two central mechanisms in how it benefits cellular function and overall health:

1.Stimulating ATP production in the mitochondria through interacting with a photoreceptor called cytochrome coxidase.
2. Creating a temporary, low-dose metabolic stress (known as hormesis, which is also a primary mechanism of why exercise works) that ultimately builds up the anti-inflammatory, anti- oxidant and cell defense systems of the cell.
Obviously, red light is best suited for treating skin conditions, local pain, mild inflammation, and accelerating surface wounds healing. And what is trustworthy is that there are no adverse side effects. Red light does not create heat, although you might experience a mild and pleasant warm sensation on your skin during therapy, but it won’t burn your skin or damage any underlying body tissues.
It has been proven that almost all wavelengths of red light will provide a sort of benefits, but wavelength from 650nm to 850nm demonstrate the most healing power.
Cold Laser Therapy Device Pain Relief Physiotherapy Equipment with Tens Function

TENS device adopts gentle electrical impulse which can stop the pain signals going to your
brain and naturally enables your body to release endorphins.

The body’s ‘feel good’ chemical. TENS is used as a natural pain reliever and is ideal for chronic pain, sore muscles, fatigue reduction and tension release.
When a low intensity electric impulse passes through the skin and penetrates deep into the tissue, it stimulates and improves local blood circulation, reduces muscle tension.
The low frequency electric can be adjusted to 3 levels between 40-200Hz. By means of this, it may successfully assist in the promotion of improving blood circulation and the acceleration of tissue regeneration.


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