MediHighTec MH 8001 4 channel Tens and EMS unit with adaptor




Our Professional MH8001 machine designed for serious users, athletes, physiotherapists or anyone wanting 4 channels and the highest power output with complete ease of use.

This premium combo comes with the MH8001 device, 8 pads, 4 leads, carry case, 9 Volt battery and AC adaptor



FUNCTIONALITIES: The MH8001 device has both TENS and EMS functions.


● TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is primarily used for pain relief, circulation and wound healing.

● EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) is used for muscle strengthening, toning, rehabilitation, warm up, and



As our most powerful TENS/EMS unit it gives you a huge 100ma output per channel and being a 4 channel machine, you can have up to 8 pads running simultaneously!

The is a quad-channel device which means you can run four channels at the same time, using the same program at individually controlled intensities.

A channel is one cable with two electrodes; each of which attaches to a gel pad which adheres to the body.

Using two channels simultaneously allows a large area to be treated. Two channels are useful when treating back , neck, shoulder, hip and knee pain with TENS, as well as for most EMS functions when stimulating larger muscle groups.


PROGRAMS: 50 – 45 Preset and 5 User Configured

The MH8001 comes with 45 preset programs:

TENS ProgramsNameUse
P6Conventional TENSConventional or “acupuncture-like” TENS is for fast pain relief which lasts for a short period.
P7Burst TENS 2HzBurst TENS is used for radiating pain
P8Burst TENS 1HzBurst TENS is used for radiating pain
P9Modulated Pulse Duration TENSCervical, shoulder pain relief
P10Modulated Pulse Duration TENSLumbar, Spine pain relief
P11Mixed Frequency TENSChronic pain requiring short and long term relief
P12Rate Modulated TENSGeneral analgesia
P13Burst TENSBurst TENS for Sciatic neuralgia
P14Modulated TENSTENS for cervical pain
P152 Phase Burst TENSTENS for endorphin release, longer term relief
P162 Phase Burst TENSTENS for lower back pain
P172 Phase TENSTENS for periarthritis
P182 Phase Rate Modulated TENSTENS for epicondyle pain
EMS ProgramsNameUse
P19MassageMassage small muscle groups
P20MassageMassage large muscle groups
P21RecoveryRecover the upper body
P22RecoveryRecover the lower body
P23RehabilitationRehabilitation of upper limb atrophy
P24RehabilitationRehabilitation of lower limb atrophy
P25Warm UpWarming up before exercise
P26RecoveryRecover from fatigue
P27RehabilitationRehabilitation for the upper body
P28RehabilitationRehabilitation for the lower body
P29Alternating StimulationLower arm and lower leg
P30Alternating StimulationUpper arm and thigh
P31Synchronous StimulationLower arm and lower leg
P32Synchronous StimulationUpper arm and thigh
P33Muscle StrengtheningMaximal power for the upper body
P34Muscle StrengtheningMaximal power to the lower body
P35Endurance & PowerBuild endurance power to the upper body
P36Endurance & PowerBuild endurance power to the lower body
P37Explosive ForceImprove explosive force
P38ToneTone lower legs
P39ToneTone up legs
P40ToneTone up lower arms
P41ToneTone up arms
P42ToneToning up of the gluteus and abs
P43ToneToning up of the haunches and thighs
P44ShapeShape breast and chest
P45ShapeShape face
P46ShapeShape gluteus
P47Aerobic FitnessAerobic fitness for legs
P48DrainageDrain fluid from the upper body
P49DrainageDrain fluid from the lower body
P50LipolysisLipolysis of the gluteus



Rate ModulationEMS with Rate Modulation
Width Modulation
Mixed Frequency

standard kit with 8 pads, additional 9 pads and power adaptor

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