Interferential unit IF 908

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Original IF 908 professional grade interferential unit, quality guaranteed

Included in this kit:

IF unit , backlit display
Brand New in Hard Case

4 quality reusable pads

super heavy duty 9 volt battery

AC power

Due to the high operating frequencies delivered by this machine, it does feel softer on the skin compared to regular TENS, however it provides a deeper, more effective treatment

5 year replacement warranty

Free Physio support

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“Interferential Stimulation differs from TENS because it allows a deeper penetration of the tissue with more comfort (compliance) and increased circulation. It feels softer on the skin than TENS stimulation.

Common uses: Pre and post-orthopaedic surgery, joint injury syndrome, cumulative trauma disorders, increasing circulation and pain control of various origins.”

“It is also proven that IFC can reach greater depths and offers electrotherapy to a larger number of tissues than TENS. Typically, pain with a very deep origin is hard to reach with other treatment modalities other than IFC. IFC stimulates circulation, and TENS can stimulate endorphin production. IFC is used to manage edema, pain, and inflammation which are caused by trauma or degenerative alterations with the involvement of soft tissues. It can treat conditions like shingles, neuralgia, and arthritis. In addition, studies claim that IFC has a role in stimulating healing and restoration of tissues while TENS only focuses on controlling pain.”

The interferential stimulator (IF) device is a battery operated device that includes two controllable output channels. Amplitude, mode and duration of the electrical impulses can be altered with the buttons or knobs. The controls are protected by a cover in order to prevent accidental changes to the settings. Slide the cover down to make adjustments to the controls.

01 Channel Dual, isolated between channels
02 Dimensions 107x62x27mm
03 Weight Approximately 150 grams, battery included
04 Amplitude Adjustable 0-60mA peak into 500 ohm load each channel,constant current
Carrier Frequency
4000Hz, Fixed (CH1)
Modulating Frequency
4-160bps, Adjustable (CH2)
IF Frequency Modes
9 modes, 1 constant mode, 5 frequency shift modes, 3 auto sweep Modes
Constant Mode
4-160bps, Adjustable
Auto Sweep
4-45 bps
80-145 bps
4-SET bps
Frequency Shift
Five modes,
1/1 abrupt shift
6/6 abrupt shift
6/6 ramped
10/10 abrupt shift
10/10 ramped
bps adjustable
Sweep Time
15 seconds
12 Frequency Shift
Frequency shifts from 30% below the set frequency to 60% above and

then return to 30% below the set frequency.

Output Configuration
Quad polar (4 electrodes)
Wave form
Symmetrical Balanced Sine Wave
15 Interference
Pulse Frequency
4-160 bps, Adjustable, 4 bps/step
Pulse Duration
125 µs maximum
Patient Compliance Meter
Display total treatment time
Prevents the patient from accidentally changing any of the set parameters
15, 30 minute selectable
Displays mode, bps rate, abrupt/ramp, timer, and channels
Max charge per
15 Micro-coulombs Maximum
Low Battery
A low battery indicator will show when the battery is low.
Power Source
9 Volt DC adapter, 500mA or 9 volt alkaline battery (not recommend due its short life)
There may be +/-10% tolerance of settings and 20% tolerance of output.
Weight 550 kg
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